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New year, new website: moving to localcolorhawaii.com

Happy New Year! Big news for 2015: I’m relaunching my studio as Local Color Design in Honolulu.  So, I’ve moved this blog over to the new website and will be now blogging there: localcolorhawaii.com/blog. So please follow me there, and update your feed reader. Or subscribe to get email updates — just go to the new site and scroll […]

Goodbye for now / a bon-voyage cocktail

This is Dorothee, one of my hosts at my temporary studio share, with her amazing sparkling-wine-and-mango creation that she served for a bon voyage toast at the studio. I’m saying goodbye to Berlin and moving my studio to Honolulu for two years; my flight goes tomorrow. It has been a hard couple weeks of saying goodbye, […]

June letters, news and moves

This first week of June, things are feeling summery and full of changes at my studio. For one, I’ve temporarily moved to a studio collective in Mitte for the month, after the Multiverso studio collective closed its doors in May. This Monday, I celebrated my first day (Einstand) in the traditional German manner by bringing my colleagues something sweet — strawberries from one […]

Bettering my lettering

Were you one of those kids who loved to sketch letters as a child? I certainly was. Pencilling shadows onto bubble letters, using a highlighter’s chisel tip for blackletter, filling notebook covers with interlocked words… As a graphic designer, I have the option of continuing to enjoy this hands-on, absorbing activity and using it my […]

Café research: a tour of Berlin’s sips and bites

Last Wednesday, I was tour guide to six folks from the Ruppiner Feingebäck cafés in scenic north Brandenburg. It’s the second research and tasting trip I’ve organized for them in Berlin. We criss-crossed the city to try my favorite neighborhood cafés, brainstorming new design and menu ideas for their own café along the way…

Huskies and wolves, oh my

Happy New Year! I’m honored to help Slow Travel Berlin ring in the new year as well, by writing their first article of 2014. In this piece, recount my day trip with huskies and other animals, wild and tame, in northwestern Germany. Here is the full article on Slow Travel Berlin. Photos courtesy of Freizeit mit Huskies.

Desk in cozy, creative shared office/studio

UPDATE Jan 20, 2014: We’ve found a new officemate so the desk is no longer available. We recommend our neighbors’ co-working space Launch Co. if you’re looking! Come work with us! Are you looking for a quiet, friendly, professional desk space to work alongside like-minded creative colleagues? We have a desk open in our 4-person […]