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Lover, lover, torn in two

Last week, a poster in a glass case in one of Berlin’s subway stations caught my eye. Or rather, half a poster. The whole poster, including the word (Love? Lover?) and the image (a woman’s face) had been torn in half from top to bottom, and only the left side remained.

Googly eyes make everything better

Googly eyes make everything better. Even political posters. With elections less than six weeks away, Berlin is plastered with them. As a foreigner without the right to vote here, I am doubly annoyed by this visual pollution—usually. Even by the ones from the Pirate Party, even though they have a great name and I guess […]

Poster tunneling

Is this street art or the beginning of a cleanup effort? On Monday, I stopped halfway across Warschauer Brücke to investigate this tunnel cut through hundreds of old wallpaper-pasted posters, almost elbow deep.

Mixed doubles

Half repellent, half awesome. Sweet, sticky, sherbet-colored, summery, sloppily pasted and in-your face. What more could you want from a poster? How about double the fun? I found these twin posters for a Sophiensaele event (translated title: Mixed Doubles, Dance Performance Summerhits!) at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The Sophiensaele are famous for their incredible graphics; […]

Poster design: Theatertreffen Fünfzig

I like this poster a lot, and I’m not even sure why. It’s all over the streets and subway stations of Berlin right now, announcing the fiftieth anniversary edition of the Berliner Festspiele’s Berliner Theatertreffen, a forum for supporting and premiering new works from emerging playwrights. The head designers for the Berliner Festspiele are Studio CRR in […]

Beyonderground in small-town Belgium

Just spent a couple crazy days in Hasselt, a little Belgian town that my friends Pablo and Manon (among others) have decided to put on the map with their own international design festival. My personal highlights included experiencing giant printing by Letterproeftuin (made possible by a linoleum supplier’s stockpiled scraps and a rented steamroller) and finding […]