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Landpartie / eggs

Yesterday, on a Landpartie (countryside outing) to brainstorm some ideas for Schloss Wartin, I admired this sign, whose weird 70’s typeface clashed oddly with the surrounding village, which looked more like 18th or 19th century. ‘frische eier!’ means ‘fresh eggs!’

Looking for lettering on the street

As you may recall, I took a workshop on hand-drawing lettering in December. The teacher, Martina Flor, started and ended the class by showing photographs of shop signage and other lettering on the street. I’ve also been looking out for great lettering on the street for many years, but haven’t been very organized about taking […]

Cheese wrapper of the month

This wheel of cheese landed in my shopping basket simply because I liked the wrapper. It’s a simple, soft-ripened cheese, like a large, plain-tasting Camembert. The label declares it a handmade (actually, “hand-cheesed”) speciality of Saxony, flavored with caraway. Neither the typography nor the illustration are the world’s most refined, but I like their straightforwardness […]

Peter Silie Schnitt Lauch Dill

The covers are cheery copy-shop paper in bright parsley green and deep carrot orange. The binding is a simple white rubber band. These boldly typeset little pamphlets introduce three herbs and three root vegetables, respectively: Parsley, chives, dill, beets, celery root and carrot.

Poster design: Theatertreffen Fünfzig

I like this poster a lot, and I’m not even sure why. It’s all over the streets and subway stations of Berlin right now, announcing the fiftieth anniversary edition of the Berliner Festspiele’s Berliner Theatertreffen, a forum for supporting and premiering new works from emerging playwrights. The head designers for the Berliner Festspiele are Studio CRR in […]

Salzige Gurken (Leipzig Book Fair)

The Leipzig Book Fair (which just ended – it was March 14-17) overwhelms you with books. I spent most of Saturday there and left with my head spinning. Thus my failure to note the name and author of this one, or even which stand displayed it. I only know it was a limited, hand-bound edition […]