Chocolate bars and coffee cups

Two café business cards and two bars of chocolate with old-fashioned wrappers

Obscure chocolate bars and tasty-looking business cards have been accumulating on my desk. My excuse for noshing on the job: I’ve been busy planning a tour of Berlin’s most charming cafés and food shops (in my opinion, of course).

Tomorrow, the staff of Ruppiner Feingebäck, my friends and erstwhile design clients in Brandenburg, are making a research and tasting trip to Berlin and I’ve offered to be their guide. As I’ve planned, friends have shared their neighborhood tips and I’ve also tested spots from the unprententiously Berlin-loving blog Berlin Reified and book 100 Favourite Places.

Now I’ve finally whittled my list down to a manageable itinerary and am looking forward to tomorrow. Hope my friends can collect new ideas, recipes and and inspiration for their own cafés. What about you, where would you take food-loving visitors in your neighborhood?


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  1. Matt Maldre says:

    Where would I take food-lovers in my hood? Depends on what they like. I like the Meyer’s Deli rooftop with brats (german deli).

    • Leslie Kuo says:

      Mmm, that definitely sounds good. The roof is a great place to eat anything grilled, I say, and bratwurst on the roof sounds like a good combination!

    • Leslie Kuo says:

      May I ask what sort of potato salad they make?

      • Matt Maldre says:

        Ummm. Good potato salad? I’ve had it. I’ll have to check what type it is.

        • Leslie Kuo says:

          Haha, fair enough. There’s a lively debate in Germany about what “German potato salad” looks like (yes mayo? no mayo? bacon? herring?) so I was just wondering what their take is. Cheers!

          • Matt Maldre says:

            Ha! Sounds like the hot dog debate in Chicago. Then again, there really isn’t any debate. We all know people are crazy when ketchup is put on a hot dog. I’ll make sure to make note of what the german deli’s potato salad has next time I get it! #cantwait

        • Leslie Kuo says:

          Ah, I didn’t know there was a Chicago hot-dog protocol. I prefer mustard on sausage myself and though both ketchup and mustard are usually offered here, I’d hazard a guess that mustard is more popular. With potato salad, though, it’s all over the map… somewhat literally, as each region is associated with different styles. The family recipe I married into uses a vinaigrette made of bacon fat, pickle juice and bouillon! I’ll have to post it sometime.

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