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How do you eat breadfruit?

I’ve been eyeing the bumpy, brain-like fruit at my local coop, Kokua Market, for some time now. I would pick one up and weigh it in my hand. I knew the Hawaiian name was ‘ulu; the English name, breadfruit. But I didn’t know much more than that. Not knowing what to make of its black spots and […]

Goodbye, inventor of CorningWare

Among my favorite American companies and products are Corning and its CorningWare and Pyrex. I grew up eating off CorningWare plates, white with little green broccoli-like flowers, and eating “scalloped potatoes” from casseroles with the same vegetable pattern you see on the potholder above (which Marko found at a Honolulu garage sale). So I was sad […]

local time: Chex mix, Hawaii style

It’s been years since I’ve had some good old homemade Chex mix, that most American of snacks. Only we Americans would take pre-made snacks like cereal, mixed nuts, and pretzels, butter and season them, and create a new snack. As a Chex mix fan, I am doubly wowed by this version made by my neighbor’s […]

local time: Moon Festival & celebrating an urban harvest

Across Asia yesterday, people celebrated the harvest and family unity at the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. Honolulu is the first place I’ve ever lived where I had access to locally baked mooncakes (not to be confused with moon pies). And so I bought mooncakes for the first time, filled with sweet lotus paste and double salted egg […]

local time: Eating in Honolulu / a recipe for spam

Before moving to Hawaii two weeks ago, I was pretty curious about the food situation. I’d heard conflicting things about the food selection and supply on these remote islands. Some said that any fresh food is expensive, with negative effects like the enduring popularity of spam (the food that gave junk email its name). Germans warned that we’d never have good […]

Goodbye for now / a bon-voyage cocktail

This is Dorothee, one of my hosts at my temporary studio share, with her amazing sparkling-wine-and-mango creation that she served for a bon voyage toast at the studio. I’m saying goodbye to Berlin and moving my studio to Honolulu for two years; my flight goes tomorrow. It has been a hard couple weeks of saying goodbye, […]

East German potato salad

Potato salad is the perfect summer food: it’s cool, it’s fresh, it goes well with sausages and watching soccer. But what goes into the potato salad? That is the question. For me, part of integrating into German culture these past eight years has meant gradually shifting my taste in potato salad from American (favoring ingredients like peas, […]

Landpartie / eggs

Yesterday, on a Landpartie (countryside outing) to brainstorm some ideas for Schloss Wartin, I admired this sign, whose weird 70’s typeface clashed oddly with the surrounding village, which looked more like 18th or 19th century. ‘frische eier!’ means ‘fresh eggs!’