New year, long life, eat well

Stacked cans of Chinese condensed milk reading "Longevity"

Tonight’s the eve of the Lunar New Year, tomorrow the Year of the Horse begins. Wishing you a year as full of sweetness and longevity as these colorful cans of condensed milk I admire in the local Asian supermarket. To begin the year right, I suggest my grandmother’s fried dumpling recipe, which was featured here on the Convivialist blog last New Year’s. Tagan’s Kitchen also has a how-to. Happy New Year!

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  1. convivialist says:

    love those dumplings! very highly recommended. Happy New Year, Leslie.

    • Leslie Kuo says:

      Thanks, Jillian, happy New Year to you too. And thanks again for documenting the dumpling workshop last year on your great blog.

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