Looking for lettering on the street


As you may recall, I took a workshop on hand-drawing lettering in December. The teacher, Martina Flor, started and ended the class by showing photographs of shop signage and other lettering on the street. I’ve also been looking out for great lettering on the street for many years, but haven’t been very organized about taking and collecting pictures of what I see.

Old-fashioned lettering on awning reading "Blå Hallen"

Since I’ve now registered for a second workshop with Martina, for which I’ll need to finish a pencil drawing to bring, I’ll be looking for interesting lettering on the street with new vigor and I hope to share some here.

The two signs above were photographed during my trip to Malmö, Sweden last month, near the Triangeln station and shopping mall. I like how they are clearly from an earlier era, somehow kitschy and classy at the same time. I also like the word “Blå.”

Where are your favorite local lettering specimens?

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