Lover, lover, torn in two

Close-up of poster with rip down the middle

Last week, a poster in a glass case in one of Berlin’s subway stations caught my eye. Or rather, half a poster. The whole poster, including the word (Love? Lover?) and the image (a woman’s face) had been torn in half from top to bottom, and only the left side remained.

This week, the poster is complete. Another torn strip, from the right side of another poster, has been installed next to it. The text matches, the images are different. It’s for a musical theater performance, Lover, a collaboration between a Taiwanese theater and a German choir.

Poster in display case made of two ripped halves (woman's face, mountain)

I really wonder how the organizers, or the designer, persuaded the company who installs the posters to help them with this unusual idea. I also wonder if anyone noticed it besides me.

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  1. marko says:

    Me, me. I did notice it. First I was like: “huh? who hangs up torn posters?” and then I was like: “hey, funny idea”. And then I was like: “i want those magnets…”

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