Great Berlin windows: Malerladen


A voice sings out when you call this old-fashioned paint shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg: “Malerladen!” The full name  is actually Frauenkollektiv Malerladen, as it’s run by a collective of down-to-earth, middle-aged women. Coming from a variety of related professions, including carpentry and construction, they believe in renovating old Berlin apartments the old-fashioned way, with high-quality linseed oils and pigments to be mixed into paints and stains.


The store offers rental equipment from electric sanders to old-fashioned floor wax polishers, like a heavy curling stone on a stick. They also offer expert advice for restoring Berlin walls and floors from all different historical eras. And they have one of the nicest store windows in Berlin, like a candy store display for the eyes.

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