Good fortune and spring at Yuki’s café

Yuki with lucky cat figurine at cash register

Today I talked of spring with Yuki, whose little café — down the street from my studio — seems kind of like a studio itself. Whenever I go in there she has invented a new treat to bake, like Möbius-strip cookies, or found a new ingredient to put in her tea sandwiches, like pea shoots.

I gave her the bell I’d promised for her maneki-neko, as I had noticed he’d lost his. It was promptly attached with a new ribbon.

Grilled sandwich with bear's garlic on paper tray

And there were sandwiches with Bärlauch, or bear’s garlic, one of my favorite signs of spring (more at my Urban Plant Research blog). Spring in Berlin will be short and quick this year, we agreed, since it’s starting so late, and we’ll have to hurry to catch the wild garlic, rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries and elderflowers as they blur by… Here’s to finally getting started!

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  1. Sylee says:

    Yuki’s cafe looks like a place I need to discover sooner rather than later. Rhubarb jam tomorrow: “Here’s to finally getting started!” is a lovely resolution.

    • Leslie Kuo says:

      Sylee, hope your jam turned out pink and great! Yes, if you are in the neighborhood, please visit Yuki and my studio too while you’re at it! We’re at the end of the M10 and U1 lines :)

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