Local Characters trading cards

Several trading cards of local people

Several trading cards of local people

As a homage to the lively community of downtown denizens in my adopted home town of New Haven, Connecticut, I designed and published this art project in 2005: a deck of sixty trading cards featuring portraits of my favorite “local characters” from around downtown. Most are impromptu photos shot on my 35mm camera.

The trading cards were sold at local bookstores and other small businesses, and enthusiastically traded and debated by residents. The New Yorker also wrote a little blurb on the project.

Here are a few of the portraits. You’ll find all sixty portraits on the Local Characters pages.

portrait of Ian Applegate
Ian Applegate


portrait of Annette Walton
Annette Walton

portrait of Roger Uihlein
Roger Uihlein

portrait of French Nadeau
Frenchy Nadeau, R.I.P.

potrait of Leo Vigue
Leo Vigue

portrait of Michael Torres
Michael “Slug” Torres

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