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Rock'n'roll Benefit

Artspace knew they wanted a rock-and-roll theme for their fundraising auction, but they needed a name, a look, and a focus. Since the annual gala is over 10 years old, they needed a new approach to draw a new crowd. I helped them define and promote a rocking party to welcome people of all ages with a fun, glam atmosphere. First, I designed a custom questionnaire to […]

Integration dinner

For the Lunar New Year of 2013, Berlin-based artist Kate Hers Rhee asked to collaborate on one of her Integrationsstammtisch projects, a series of performative “integration dinners” responding to the ongoing debate over the integration of immigrants into Germany and Berlin. [gss ids=”1328,1329,1331″] What does integration actually mean? Is it simply speaking the language or assimilating into the local […]

Crystal Open Studios

For the fifteenth annual City-Wide Open Studios festival in New Haven, the organizers at Artspace asked me to help them implement an event-wide theme for the first time. To celebrate Open Studios’ crystal anniversary, they chose the theme crystal. To convey Artspace’s vision of crystals as a metaphor for art, artists, and the events — which reflect, refract, […]

Coop Creativity

Bringing together local artists, designers, writers and musicians to mentor inner-city high school kids, Coop Center for Creativity is a budding after-school program based at Coop High School in downtown New Haven. In the program’s first year, the director asked me to help use design to draw kids to the very first workshops — and later, to help showcase […]

Ruppiner Feingebäck

I was asked to support the comeback of a centuries-old family-owned bakery and cookie company in Germany, designing a new cafe, logo and look. [gss ids=”1894,1358,1360,1322,1355,1282″]

U8 Plant Quiz

In three stations on Berlin’s U8 subway line, the New Society for Visual Art presented an art exhibition using the billboard spaces behind the subway tracks. My collaboration with Sara Bouchard, Urban Plant Research, was selected to participate in the exhibition, titled “Glück Gehabt” (“that was lucky”). Sara and I have been collecting images and observations of […]

Yoga Lotos

The Yoga-Schule Lotos is a true neighborhood and family business. Larissa and Thomas Gärtner founded their friendly, affordable yoga school in Berlin as a young couple living in a small apartment adjacent to the school. Several years, two babies, and a marriage later, they moved their home and their school to the rural area around […]

Firehouse 12 Records

Firehouse 12 is a labor of love. Jazz lover Nick Lloyd transformed an old firehouse in downtown New Haven into an audiophile’s jazz club and recording studio. The amazing sound and excellent recording equipment draw musicians who might not otherwise have come to this small city. Meanwhile, the modern yet welcoming spaces draw people who might not otherwise […]

The Pool

A handmade design can really stand out among all the polished, digital pieces out there. So when a client asks me to hand-craft something, I’m happy to help. Here, the Young Friends of the Earth Germany asked me to help them announce “The Pool,” a contest for design and art students to create campaigns about global warming. They […]