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Travel article on Huskies and Wolves

Happy New Year! I’m honored to help Slow Travel Berlin ring in the new year as well, by writing their first article of 2014. In this piece, recount my day trip with huskies and other animals, wild and tame, in northwestern Germany. Here is the full article on Slow Travel Berlin. Photos courtesy of Freizeit mit Huskies.

Coop Creativity

Bringing together local artists, designers, writers and musicians to mentor inner-city high school kids, Coop Center for Creativity is a budding after-school program based at Coop High School in downtown New Haven. In the program’s first year, the director asked me to help use design to draw kids to the very first workshops — and later, to help showcase […]

Neighborhood Plant Discussion Center

Urban Plant Research is my ongoing collaboration with Sara Bouchard. In August 2007, we installed a temporary neighborhood plant discussion center at Open Source Gallery, a community gallery in South Slope, Brooklyn. As artists-in-residence at Open Source, we hosted visiting neighbors during regular open hours and many participatory events. Neighbors young and old joined us in exploring, documenting, tasting, and […]

U8 Plant Quiz

In three stations on Berlin’s U8 subway line, the New Society for Visual Art presented an art exhibition using the billboard spaces behind the subway tracks. My collaboration with Sara Bouchard, Urban Plant Research, was selected to participate in the exhibition, titled “Glück Gehabt” (“that was lucky”). Sara and I have been collecting images and observations of […]

Yoga Lotos

The Yoga-Schule Lotos is a true neighborhood and family business. Larissa and Thomas Gärtner founded their friendly, affordable yoga school in Berlin as a young couple living in a small apartment adjacent to the school. Several years, two babies, and a marriage later, they moved their home and their school to the rural area around […]