Urban Plant Research

These photos are just one facet of Urban Plant Research, a long-term project in collaboration with Sara Bouchard, an artist friend in Brooklyn. Since 2008, we have been investigating plants in urban environments, documenting plants in Berlin, Brooklyn and beyond. It’s a way to talk about life in urban spaces and what effect these manmade environments have on plants – and on people.

We’ve used many media in the project, including writing, drawing, guided walks, installations, a temporary urban plant discussion center in Brooklyn and a subway poster in Berlin. I’ve shared photography here because it plays a central role, as does our blog: urbanplantresearch.org.

Berlin: Karl-Marx-Allee

Berlin: Karl-Marx-Allee

Astroturf mound in graveyard

Ivy Graffiti

Sticker plant window

Hedge clippers

Trash bin plant

Dumped plant

Tiny vine

Weinmeisterstr: sharing space