This Friday: Eight short films about a boy and his window

Last week, I made my first short film. As you may know, I love taking classes and workshops on new skills, be it drawing animals at the zoo or hand-lettering. So I jumped at the chance to join a free intensive video workshop at the nGbK, focusing on the current exhibition, Tagore’s Post Office.

In just three days, film editor and art mediator Branka Pavlović gave us a crash course on film language and history, then guided us through drawing storyboards, filming, directing and editing eight different short films, one by each participant. The trailer above shows a glimpse of each one.

We were each inspired by different aspects of the play The Post Office by Tagore, the focus of the exhibition. In the play, young Amal is confined to his room due to a serious illness. His only contact with the outside world is via his window, through which he starts conversations with passing neighbors and merchants. The passing of time, the temporary nature of life, the windows through which we see the world: there was plenty of material in this short but poignant play.

If you’d like to see our films, you are welcome to join us at the nGbK for a screening with live, improvised music by Marco Ponce Kärgel and Friederike Kenneweg:

Friday, May 9, 2014 at 19:30
nGbK, 1st Floor
Oranienstraße 25, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Branka will also be leading additional video workshops in conjunction with future exhibitions, so if you are interested, check the nGbK website  for more info.